Delicious! Chateraise BOOK

Delicious! Chateraise BOOK

Chateraise BOOK" will be released from Takarajima-sha's "Corporate Mook Book Series" on January 18. Chateraise BOOK" will go on sale on January 18. The price is 900 yen (tax not included).

Takarajimasha has been working on producing mook books that convey the products, history, and philosophy of attractive companies in a fun way. Last year's book, " KFC 50th Anniversary I knew Kentucky! was so popular that it was reprinted the day after its release. In the future, Takarajimasha plans to release mookbooks on popular ramen and yakiniku chains.

The new "Delicious! Chateraise BOOK" is the official book of the confectionary manufacturer Chateraise. The book is full of contents that can be enjoyed not only by fans of Chateraise, but also by those who love making sweets and sweets. This book is also a good reference for choosing sweets for events such as gift-giving, birthdays, and annual events.

The book delves into various categories, such as the truth behind the deliciousness of some 400 types of Chateraise sweets, popular product rankings, trivia, etc. Fifteen celebrities who love Chateraise also appear in the book, introducing their favorite sweets and special arrangements. The book also features a Q&A interview with Chairman Hiroshi Saito, the founder of Chateraise, and a full story on the production of the "Special Strawberry Short," which sells 5 million units a year.

The book comes with a one-coin ticket that allows you to buy popular products at a discount. You can save up to 1,683 yen (tax included).

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