Cold Stone Creamery "Ruby Berry Chocolate" "Caramel Hugs Brownie" "Chocolate Orange Rendezvous"

At each Cold Stone Creamery store, three types of creations will be released on January 20th, including a limited-time "Ruby Berry Chocolate" using ruby chocolate (excluding some stores). The price excluding tax is 680 yen each (with ruby chocolate waffle set).

Ruby chocolate is chocolate that uses a special cacao bean called "ruby cacao bean". It features a naturally occurring pink color and a slightly berry-like acidity.

"Ruby Berry Chocolate" is an eye-catching dish with a gorgeous pink color. Strawberry and blueberry sweet and sour are added to strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream.

Cold Stone Creamery "Ruby Berry Chocolate"

"Caramel Hugs Brownie" is a dish that you can enjoy the rich taste of caramel. Caramel ice cream and chocolate ice cream are combined with brownies, chocolate fudge, ruby puffs and whipped cream.

Cold Stone Creamery "Caramel Hugs Brownie"

"Chocolat Orange Rendezvous" is an adult taste with the bitterness and acidity of orange. Rich orange gelato and chocolate ice cream are combined with orange, cat tongue, caramel sauce and ruby puffs.

Cold Stone Creamery "Chocolat Orange Rendezvous"

The limited-time waffle "Ruby Chocolate Waffle Set" can be enjoyed with the original ice cream. The set includes "Ruby Chocolate Waffle Ball", which is a waffle coated with ruby chocolate, and "Ruby Bark Chocolate," which is a combination of raspberry crunch and alazan. The price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

Cold Stone Creamery "Ruby Chocolate Waffle Set"

* In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, each commercial facility or store may be closed suddenly, or the business hours may be shortened or changed. In addition, some of the products sold may be changed or suspended.