Milky soft white chocolate flavor

Megmilk Snow Brand will release the bread spread "Milky Soft White Chocolate Flavor" on January 21st. The content is 140g (4.94oz), and the estimated price is 230 yen (excluding tax).

"Milky" released by Fujiya in 1951 is a long-selling milk soft candy that you can enjoy the natural taste of milk. In March 2018, in collaboration with Fujiya, we released the bread spread "Milky Soft" that allows you to enjoy the flavor of "Milky". It has been well received by people who do not normally use margarine, and it has been introduced on TV programs.

Bread spread "Milky Soft"

The "Milky Soft White Chocolate Flavor" that appears this time is the fourth of the "Milky Soft". White chocolate has a high affinity because it is similar in material to condensed milk, which is the main ingredient of "Milky", and its chocolate-based flavor goes well with bread (using white chocolate flavoring). You can enjoy it as a breakfast or snack by putting it on your favorite bread.

This time, the package design of the "Milky Soft" series has been changed. Peko-chan, who has a bigger face and is trying to eat with a bread with a spread, or is trying to apply a spread with a butter knife, is placed in the center of the package. "Milky Soft" and "Milky Soft White Chocolate Flavor" are two items side by side and have a fun design.

"Milky soft white chocolate flavor" and "Milky soft"