Winter limited pasta such as first kitchen "Toro-ri mozzarella and beef cheek meat cream meat sauce"

At First Kitchen and Wendy's First Kitchen collaboration stores (excluding some stores), two types of pasta using 100% Hokkaido Tokachi milk mozzarella cheese made by the popular "Hanabatatake Farm" will be on January 14th. It will be released. "Toro-ri mozzarella and beef cheek cream meat sauce" and "Toro-ri mozzarella and bacon porcini cream". The price is 780 yen each (tax included).

・ Toro-ri mozzarella and beef cheek meat cream meat sauce
Milky mozzarella cheese with creamy and deep taste "beef cheek meat cream meat sauce" using soft beef cheek meat, which has been a staple since its release in the first kitchen. Luxurious pasta with melted in. It goes well with the glutinous linguine, which is kneaded with First Kitchen's original bran, and goes great with it! This is a winter-only product that is a bit different from regular meat sauce pasta.

・ Melty mozzarella and bacon porcini cream
Cream pasta with a porcini scent that combines rich fresh cream and cream cheese. Mushroom paste was added to add more mushroom flavor and depth. A seasonal pasta that combines a natural rich sauce, moderately salted bacon, milky and creamy mozzarella cheese, and you can enjoy the taste, aroma, and appearance.