Wako "Tonkatsu Ebomaki" Limited Time Offer
(*All image sources are from Wako's official website)

Wako's "Tonkatsu Ehomaki

The official website of Wako has announced that they will be offering a limited time menu item called "Tonkatsu Ebomaki", which will only be available on February 1st and 2nd.

On the night of Setsubun, it is said to be good luck to eat the rolls facing the direction of the year's blessing, and the direction for 2021 is "south-southeast. Wako's ehomaki will be prepared in accordance with the new direction, with two types of ehomaki: fin cutlet and fried prawn.

Tonkatsu Ehomaki Hirekatsu

Tonkatsu Ehomaki Ooebifurai

This is a Tonkatsu Ebomaki with pork cutlet and fried fish wrapped in Japanese rice. Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Tonkatsu Ebomaki Hirekatsu 600 yen
Tonkatsu Ebomaki - Fried Shrimp 800 yen

Wako "Tonkatsu Ebomaki" Limited Time Offer

Reservations can be made at any Wako restaurant. Please note that menu specifications and prices may differ at some stores. Also, some stores may not carry the product. For more information, please contact each store individually. In addition, some stores have shortened their business hours due to the emergency declaration. The location and phone number of the nearest store can be found on Wako's official website.