Burger King "2 Kotoku" Campaign

At each Burger King store, a "2 Kotoku" campaign will be held. Limited to 14 days from January 15th to January 28th.

The "2 Kotoku" campaign is a campaign that offers 500 yen when you combine your favorite 2 products from 3 products, "Spicy Wapper Jr.", "Teriyaki Wapper Jr." and "Wapper Cheese Jr.".

The target product "Spicy Wapper Jr." is an appetizing product with a spicy spicy sauce that goes well with Burger King's proud 100% beef patty. "Teriyaki Wapper Jr." is a delicious teriyaki sauce, and "Wapper Cheese Jr." is finished with rich cheddar cheese. If you want to enjoy a variety of delicious foods, you can combine two different types, and if you want to enjoy your favorite products to your heart's content, you can combine two of the same type to suit your taste.

In addition, it can be used as a great value set with French fries M and drink M for an additional 300 yen. For both in-store eating and drinking and To go.

The normal price is 390 yen for "Spicy Wapper Jr.", 390 yen for "Teriyaki Wapper Jr.", and 410 yen for "Wapper Cheese Jr.".

* Pick-up orders, self-order terminals, and deliveries are not eligible. * All prices include tax. * Some stores do not handle this. * Sales hours vary depending on the store. * Sales may be temporarily suspended depending on the store conditions. * Product design and price may change without notice due to campaign changes.