Thirty One Ice Cream "Berry Berry Strawberry Tart"

The "Pink Sweet Time" campaign will run from January 14th to March 3rd at Thirty One Ice Cream. A lineup of cute products including new strawberry flavors.

◆ Berry Berry Strawberry Tart
A new flavor inspired by strawberry tart. The popular flavor "Berry Berry Strawberry" using sweet and sour strawberry pulp and strawberry puree is combined with rich French vanilla ice cream. Accented with strawberry ribbon and tart-style sweets. The reference price for a single regular size is 390 yen (tax included, price varies depending on the store, the same applies below).

Thirty One Ice Cream "Berry Berry Strawberry Tart"

◆ Premium Strawberry
A luxurious Sunday using 5 strawberries. Top with plenty of whipped cream on top of two of your favorite small ice creams. It is gorgeously finished with raw strawberries decorated like flowers and original strawberry sauce. Inside is a pie with a crispy texture. The reference price is 1,050 yen. Eat-in limited product.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Premium Strawberry"

◆ Strawberry Sundae
On top of your favorite small-sized ice cream, put fresh strawberries like flowers and top with plenty of whipped cream and thick chocolate sauce. It is an "adult cute" Sunday with a calm pink heart chocolate. The reference price is 520 yen for singles and 700 yen for doubles.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Strawberry Sundae"

On January 15th and February 15th during the "Pink Sweet Time" period, purchasing "Premium Strawberry" and "Strawberry Sundae (single / double)" as "Strawberry Day" will increase the amount of strawberries by one.

◆ Mickey & Minnie Heart Box
A To go limited product with 4 ice creams packed in a cute Mickey & Minnie cup and box. The heart-designed box comes with a surprise gimmick that Mickey & Minnie of Love Love appears when you open the heart part. The reference price is 1,120 yen for 4 small pieces / 1,560 yen for 4 regular pieces.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Mickey & Minnie Heart Box"

◆ Mickey & Minnie / Classic decoration
A new ice cream cake with cute classic tone Mickey & Minnie. Inspired by a cake with strawberries, it is simply finished with strawberry-flavored pink whipped cream. The flavors are chopped chocolate on the top, caramel ribbon and strawberry on the bottom. The reference price is 3,500 yen. Sold from February 1st to all year.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Mickey & Minnie / Classic Decoration"

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