Yoshinoya "Butadon" reprint sale

"Butadon" is now available for reprint at each Yoshinoya store. It has been available since January 12th.

Yoshinoya pork bowl reprint sale

The "Butadon" sold at the Yoshinoya this time is a reprint of the product sold from March 2004 to December 2011, when the sale of "Gyudon" was suspended due to the import ban on US beef. In response to the voice of hope for revival, it will be the second reprint sale for the first time in about 10 years. * Some stores are not available

While following the taste of the time, the method has been improved to emphasize the deliciousness of pork. In addition to the conventional "Butadon" special sauce, pork extract and ingredients with concentrated umami and ginger have been added, and the thickness of the pork has been changed from the conventional 1.3 mm to 1.5 mm. The original taste of pork is more felt, and the product is finished to be delicious. The price is 332 yen for small, 352 yen for average, 462 yen for large, 522 yen for large, 642 yen for special, and 732 yen for super profit. * All prices do not include tax

In addition, along with the reprint sale of "Butadon", "Kimchi Butadon", "Cheese Butadon" (each for 460 yen) and "Butadon" (from 302 yen for regular) are also on sale. Both can be taken out.