Limited time offer "Calpis Soda" Blissful Time Lemon "

Asahi Soft Drinks will release "Calpis Soda" Blissful Time Lemon on January 26th. For a limited time. The price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Calpis Soda" is a milky carbonated drink that allows you to enjoy "Calpis", which was born from a natural method of fermentation using lactic acid bacteria and yeast, with a pleasant stimulus of fine bubbles. It was first released in 1973 as the "Calpis" brand as a type that can be drunk as it is without diluting it, and it is still popular.

The "Calpis Soda" Blissful Time "series is a milky carbonated drink for adults that is suitable for relaxing time, with fruits added to the mellowly tailored" Calpis Soda ".

"Calpis Soda" Blissful Time Lemon, which will be released as the first in the "Calpis Soda" Blissful Time series, is an adult who can enjoy the flavor of peel by adding lemon peel extract to the mellow "Calpis Soda". It is finished in a full-fledged taste for.

The package expresses the luxury and mellowness of milk with bubbles on the top and bottom, and the two colors of dark blue and yellow and the design that gently sways up and down express that it is a product suitable for relaxing time for adults. I am.