Hamazushi "Special 100 yen third game"

At each Hamazushi store, a special 100-yen third game fair will be held. Limited time offer from January 14th to January 27th. At this fair, we will sell three kinds of ingredients (oysters, cold yellowtail, red sea bream) that are in season in winter at a special price of 100 yen (excluding tax).

Special 100 yen third game

At the "Special 100 Yen Bango" fair, three kinds of ingredients that will be in season in winter will appear. "Hiroshima Prefecture oyster grip (1 piece)" with a plump, thick and rich taste, "Shikoku / Kyushu live 〆 cold yellowtail (2 pieces)" with a moderately greasy body, chewy The texture of "Shikoku / Kyushu-produced red sea bream (2 pieces)" will be provided.

New sweets

In addition, "Hama Cafe Lab", where sweets lovers research and develop new sweets, will release "rich fondant chocolate [strawberry sauce]" imported directly from France. It is a sweet that you can enjoy the balance of moist and soft dough, the rich sweetness of chocolate sauce that melts from the inside, and the sweet and sour strawberry sauce with plenty of flesh.