KKD "Hokkaido Premium Double Milk"

"Hokkaido Premium Double Milk" will be released on January 20th at the Sapporo Pole Town store of Krispy Kreme Donuts and the Chitose Outlet Mall Rera store. Scheduled to be sold until mid-May. The price is 300 yen (excluding tax).

"Hokkaido Premium Double Milk" was developed by Hokkaido store staff in commemoration of KKDJ's 1st anniversary of landing in Hokkaido with the concept of "a product that people in Hokkaido want to eat every day", and for a limited time in October 2019. The donut that appeared. Following its popularity at the time of sale in 2019, it will reappear in commemoration of the 2021 zodiac sign "Ox".

White chocolate is coated on the donut using yeast dough, which is characterized by the fluffy texture of crispy cream donuts. A "cow" pattern is drawn on it with bitter chocolate.

Between the donuts, a luxurious sandwich of cream using Hokkaido milk and whipped cream using Hokkaido cream. In addition, the amount of whipped cream has been doubled this time, so you can enjoy a rich taste like a cake.