Lawson "Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Pistachio" Pre-sale

"Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Pistachio" will be released from the Black Thunder series. Available at Lawson stores nationwide from January 19th. Excluding Lawson Store 100. It may not be available depending on the store. Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out.

"Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Pistachio" is a black thunder with a smooth texture and an elegant taste that spreads as you chew, accented with the texture of crushed pistachio. The gorgeous and rich taste of pistachio is concentrated in a bite size, and you can enjoy a pleasant premium taste. Western liquor (Kirsch liqueur) is added to the secret flavor, and the fragrance is gorgeous.

Contents: 1 bag (48g (1.69oz))
Estimated price: 138 yen (excluding tax)