Kura Sushi "Oma Tuna VS Cold Yellowtail"
"Oma Tuna VS Cold Yellowtail" Fair

At each Kura Sushi store, the first "seasonal extremity" series "Oma Tuna VS Cold Yellowtail" fair will be held from January 15th.

"Oma Tuna" in Aomori Prefecture, which has a high price at the first auction every year and has become a hot topic as a new year's tradition. Compared to other tuna, it has a deeper taste and color, and is characterized by its condensed umami. At Kura Sushi this time, this high-class fish will be offered for a consistent 200 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). Limited time until January 21st.

Kura Sushi "Oma Tuna VS Cold Yellowtail"
Oma tuna

In addition, a lucky charm "Kanburi" (200 yen) that can be eaten in hopes of success and the growth of children will also be provided. This time, we carefully selected rare yellowtail with a fish body of 8 kg or more, which is even larger than the one sold at the end of last year (2020). It is firm and has a lot of fat, but it has a smooth taste. Sold for a limited time until January 21st, along with "Kanburi-yaki Shabu" (200 yen).

Kura Sushi "Oma Tuna VS Cold Yellowtail"
Cold yellowtail

Kura Sushi "Oma Tuna VS Cold Yellowtail"
Cold yellowtail shabu-shabu

You can To go both Oma tuna and cold yellowtail. A consumption tax of 10% for in-store food and drink and 8% for To go will be added to the product price.

In addition, from January 12th to 15th, the "Online President's Rock-paper-scissors Tournament", which was popular last year, will be held on the special website page. From those who have won two consecutive games by playing rock-paper-scissors with the character of Kura Sushi president "Kunihiko Tanaka", 1,000 people will be given a "10 kinds of extremely popular set (for 2 people)" by lottery every day. Details can be found on the official Kura Sushi website, official Facebook, and Twitter.

* Prices are different at some stores.