Kinki area LIFE limited "Hakata Mentai Takana Bento"

"Hakata Mentai Takana Bento" is on sale at the side dish section of 155 Kinki LIFE stores (excluding the Bio-Ral store and Miniel Nishihonmachi store). The price is 498 yen (excluding tax).

"Hakata Mentai Takana Bento" is topped with white rice made from Koshihikari, uncolored spicy mentaiko from "Kanefuku Co., Ltd." founded by Hakata, tangy Kyushu takana, and bright yellow brocade tamago. The side dishes are served with Miyazaki's specialty "Chicken Nanban" and Oita's specialty "Toriten" to create a bento that you can enjoy the local menu of Kyushu.

Product commitment.

・ "Kanefuku" uncolored spicy cod roe
We use "Kanefuku" uncolored spicy cod roe founded by Hakata, which manages the procurement, salting, and processing of Alaska pollack eggs. White rice made with Koshihikari is topped with Kyushu mustard and Kinshitamako, which go well with mentaiko.

・ Volume perfect score! Kyushu local menu
For side dishes, we have Miyazaki's specialty "Chicken Nanban" and Oita's specialty "Toriten". The juicy chicken is exquisitely entwined with nanban sauce and tartar sauce, and the "Kyushu-grown chicken nanban" and the "Oita-style toriten" where you can enjoy crispy batter are served with rice.