Shinjuku Mylord Limited "Maple Waffle Chocolat" from Maple Diner by the Maple Mania

"Maple Waffle Chocolat" will be released on January 10th from "Maple Diner by the Maple Mania", a store specializing in maple confectionery. Prices start at 175 yen (tax included) per piece. Maple Diner by The Maple Mania Shinjuku Mylord Limited.

Introducing a greedy new taste that you can enjoy the deliciousness of both chocolate and maple in the maple waffle that can only be eaten with maple diner!

"Maple waffle chocolate" is a fluffy chocolate waffle dough that is baked with maple-flavored cookies. A waffle dough with a fluffy texture that combines the crispy texture of baked cookies and the richness of chocolate. And it is a two-layered dish that is carefully baked one by one by combining chocolate chips with accents. Eatable size waffles are also recommended for souvenirs and family gatherings. It is a special taste that can only be enjoyed here, which is limited to the Shinjuku Mylord store.

・ Maple Waffle Chocolat
Price 1 piece: 172 yen 5 pieces set 860 yen 10 pieces set 1,720 yen Dealer: Maple Diner by The Maple Mania Shinjuku Milord Store Limited