"Lotteria Day" campaign

At each Lotteria store, the "Lotteria Day" campaign will be held for three days, January 10, 20 and 30 (excluding some stores).

We want many people to enjoy Lotteria's products, so we carry out a great coupon plan every month on the day when "0 (zero)" is attached. If you show the coupon displayed on the coupon page on the Lotteria official website at the cash register, you can purchase the target product at a good price.

The target products are as follows. Price does not include tax.
◆ Potato
French fries S 85 yen (regular price 170 yen)
French fries M 130 yen (regular price 260 yen)
French fries L 160 yen (regular price 320 yen)
Furu Pote 145 yen (regular price 290 yen)

◆ Drink
Premium blend 125 yen (regular price 250 yen)
Ice coffee 125 yen (regular price 250 yen)
Hot cafe latte 135 yen (regular price 270 yen)
Ice cafe latte 135 yen (regular price 270 yen)

* Campaign products are sold separately and do not apply to sets. * "Bucket potatoes" for 4 "French fries S" are sold for 340 yen.