The largest "FK all-star burger" in the history of First Kitchen

The "largest ever" hamburger "FK All-Star Burger" will be on sale from January 9th at each First Kitchen store (excluding some stores). The calories are also the largest in the history of First Kitchen. The price is 980 yen (tax included).

"FK All-Star Burger" is a hamburger with a weight of about 450g (15.87oz) and a height of about 10.5cm that appears in response to the frustrating desire of "I want to eat more! I want to bite into junk!" It is a new product that boasts the size of "the largest in the history of First Kitchen". The glossy classic series of buns with the scent of charred soy sauce is combined with two special 100g (3.53oz) patties kneaded with Rishiri kelp soup stock and chicken Tatsuta, a young chicken with kelp and kelp soup stock and soy sauce. ..

For the sauce, we use a special sauce that is based on soy sauce and boasts a fruity umami. The cheese is well-balanced using two types of cheddar cheese, sliced and sauce. Fresh vegetables are also sandwiched, making it a volumey yet well-balanced tailoring.