Cafe & Bar PRONTO "Roasted Cacao Latte"

New winter menus will be available on January 12th at each Cafe & Bar PRONTO store. Introducing chocolate drinks and food menus for the Valentine's season.

The seasonal drink "Roasted cacao latte" is a seasonal cafe latte where you can fully enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of chocolate. Plenty of chocolate whipped cream is topped with "cacao nibs," a superfood that allows you to enjoy the bitterness and aroma of cacao. The price is 440 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Salmon and perilla clam chowder" is a rich clam chowder pasta that is perfect for winter, using perilla sauce from Aichi prefecture. The chewy texture of fresh pasta is often entwined with the flavor of seafood and chowder sauce. The price is 800 yen.

"Scallops and rape blossoms charred soy sauce butter" uses scallops from Aomori prefecture and rape blossoms from Tokushima prefecture. It is finished in pasta that you can feel the richness of fragrant soy sauce and butter. The price is 760 yen.

Cafe & Bar PRONTO "Salmon and perilla clam chowder" "Scallops and rape blossoms charred soy sauce butter"

Both pasta products are from the "P LOVE GREEN" campaign, which focuses on domestic ingredients. In the "P LOVE GREEN" campaign, we are particular about the production area and manufacturing method, introduce a menu using carefully selected materials as a campaign product, and donate a part of the sales to support environmental greening activities and greening restoration lost due to natural disasters. ..

* Business hours and holidays are subject to change to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.