Yayoiken "Yayoi Gozen"

From Yayoiken, a new menu "Yayoi Gozen" with a variety of Japanese side dishes will be released on January 21st. The price is 890 yen (tax included, same below).

"Yayoi Gozen" is a menu where you can enjoy 4 kinds of various Japanese side dishes little by little. Popular beef sukiyaki and tempura with 2 shrimp, lotus root and okra fried crispy. Steamed chicken, seaweed, and okra seasoned with ponzu and served with plum meat, a refreshing spicy sauce and crispy grilled mackerel with salt. It's a nice set meal where you can enjoy various things little by little.

You can also order the side dishes of "Yayoiken" as a single item menu. "Sukiyaki small bowl of beef" is 250 yen, "Tempura small bowl" is 250 yen, and "Steamed chicken and seaweed with pon vinegar" is 120 yen. In addition to your favorite set meal, it is also recommended to enjoy a slightly luxurious meal.

Yayoiken "Yayoi Gozen" where you can enjoy "little by little". It is also good for those who want to enjoy a well-balanced meal. If you have trouble choosing a menu, why not give it a try?