Collaboration "Potato Maru (crazy salt flavor) 6 bags"

Oyatsu Company will release "Potato Maru (Crazy Salt Flavor) 6 bags" in collaboration with the long-selling all-purpose seasoning "Crazy Salt" of the Japan Green Tea Center as a limited-edition product on January 11th. The estimated price is 260 yen (excluding tax).

■ What is Crazy Salt?
Crazy Salt is a 100% additive-free seasoning that is a blend of rock salt and 6 types of herbs (pepper, onion, garlic, thyme, celery, oregano). By exquisitely blending the umami of salt and the flavor of herbs, any Japanese, Western, Chinese, or ethnic dish can be instantly changed to the chef's taste, making it a versatile seasoning that shortens cooking time. It is popular as.

"Potato Maru" is a new type of potato snack that you can enjoy a crispy outside and a crispy texture every time you chew by finely cutting noodles with plenty of sweetness and umami and hardening them into bite-sized bites. As the new flavor, a collaboration with "Crazy Salt", a versatile seasoning that instantly turns any dish into a chef's taste, has been realized.

An exquisite blend of rock salt and 6 kinds of herbs emphasizes the deliciousness of potatoes, and it is finished in "Potato Maru" where you can enjoy the original deliciousness of the material that has never been seen before.