KALDI "Couverture White Chocolate Cake"
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Pick up the items you care about from the new arrival products that are being released sequentially at the online shop of KALDI Coffee Farm! Introducing the 5 items that the editorial department is paying attention to. How about spending coffee time or teleworking at home?

* Handling status at each store may differ.

・ Dry banana (sheet type) 7 bags 284 yen (tax included, same below)

KALDI "Dry Banana (Sheet Type)"

Sheet type dry banana using 100% banana. Ripe bananas are carefully processed and dried to finish. Soft, moist and gentle sweetness. No sugar or oil is used.

・ Mondo Dilaura Biscuits Pistachio & Honey Ginger 130g (4.59oz) 498 yen

KALDI "Mondo Dilaura Biscuit Pistachio & Honey Ginger"

A crisply baked biscuit containing pistachio, honey and ginger in whole grain flour. No dairy products.

・ Couverture white chocolate cake 1 bottle 378 yen

KALDI "Couverture White Chocolate Cake"

A moist and rich white chocolate cake using couverture white chocolate and milk from Hokkaido. You can eat it deliciously even if it is chilled a little.

・ Seri Exkeys Souffle Roll 1 bottle 498 yen

KALDI "Seri Exkeys Souffle Roll"

A roll cake with a thick but melty cream containing custard cream wrapped in a soft souffle dough. Because it is a frozen product, it will be delivered by "Yamato Cool Mail" with the addition of the cool shipping fee. You can eat it after moving it to the refrigerator and thawing it for 4 to 6 hours.

・ Adult wine gummy 40g (1.41oz) 124 yen

KALDI "Adult Wine Gummy"

A wine gummy with a fragrance and taste trapped in a carefully made blended wine at a winery in Yoichi, Hokkaido, operated by Camel Farm. Contains alcohol (alcohol content 3%). Please take a break at the end of your housework or work.