Taimeiken 3rd generation omelet bread

From January 1st, "Taimeiken 3rd generation supervised omelet bread" in collaboration with Chef Hiroshi Motegi of "Taimeiken" is on sale from Daiichiya Bread (Daiichi Bread). The price is open. The sales area is Kanto / Chubu / Kinki / Shikoku area.

"Taimeiken 3rd generation omelet bread" is a bread developed with the image of the popular menu of the popular Western restaurant "Nihonbashi 3rd generation Taimeiken". Wrapped in a soft egg filling and egg salad, topped with ketchup.

Taimeiken, the third generation of Nihonbashi, is a long-established Western restaurant founded in 1931 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. You can easily enjoy the standard Western dishes such as "omelet rice" and "hamburger steak", which are supported by a wide range of generations. In addition to exercising his skills at the restaurant, the third generation chef, Motegi, is engaged in activities to spread the taste of authentic Western food, such as producing new restaurants and publishing books.