Matsunoya's New Year's gift "Fried shrimp double fair"

"Fried shrimp double fair" will be held at Matsuya. From 15:00 on January 6th to 15:00 on January 13th, if you order the target fried shrimp menu, you will get one more.

Crispy fried aged chilled pork with loin and fried shrimp "1 loin and fried shrimp → 2 tails set meal", moist and soft large-sized fillet and fried shrimp 1 and 2 tails set meal Two types of fried shrimp assorted set meals are targeted.

All of them are guided as menus that you can enjoy a crispy texture. The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Loin and fried shrimp 1 → 2 set meal 840 yen ・ Large fillet & fried shrimp 1 → 2 set meal 1,040 yen

With rice and miso soup, respectively. You can To go at the same price as eating and drinking in the store, but in that case you can purchase it separately for 60 yen without miso soup. In addition to this, Matsuya's "Assorted Set Meals" will be served free of charge so that you can eat as much as you want.

During the fried shrimp double fair period, "loin and fried shrimp 2 fish set meal" and "large-sized fillet and fried shrimp 2 fish set meal" will be suspended.

As a general rule, fairs are held at Matsunoya and Matsunoya nationwide, but there are exceptions. Specifically, it is not available at Matsuya / My Curry Cafeteria / Matsusoba stores, some stores in Shinjuku, Nakano, and Suginami, stores in AEON MALL, and highway PA stores.