Kentucky "Creamy Croquette Fillet Sandwich"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Kentucky Fried Chicken)

The limited quantity menu "Creamy Croquette Fillet Sandwich" for Kentucky Fried Chicken has been announced on the official website on January 6th. It is a dish with a nice shrimp flavor.

A classic chicken fillet sandwich with a crispy outside and a cream croquette with sakura shrimp on the inside, and an Omar sauce. You can enjoy the flavor of shrimp and the volume is perfect.

In addition to a single item, two types of sets are available in combination with the side menu. The first is the "Creamy Croquette Fillet Sandwich Set" with potato S and drink M, and the "Creamy Croquette Fillet Sandwich Box" with potato S and drink M, as well as boneless Kentucky and mini apple pie.

The selling price of each is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Creamy croquette fillet sandwich (single item) 490 yen ・ Creamy croquette fillet sandwich set 790
・ Creamy croquette fillet sandwich box 990 yen