Hokka Hokka Tei "New Year Shrimp Tendon"
(* All images are from Hokka Hokka Tei official website)

"New Year Shrimp Tendon" was announced on the official website as a new menu of Hokka Hokka Tei. It is a dish that contains shrimp tempura and kakiage as a lucky charm.

The selling price is 540 yen (tax included, the same applies below), and the calories are 947 kcal. Rice large serving is increased by 30 yen, and rice small serving is discounted by 20 yen. Including 3 shrimp tempura, shrimp kakiage, squid heaven, green beans, and chikuwa isobe fried rice are served on top of the rice, making it a bowl with an emphasis on satisfaction. There is also a bowl of tendon sauce.

In Hokkaido, Akita, Miyagi, Fukushima, Gunma, Kanto, Tokai / Hokuriku / China, Osaka, Hyogo (excluding Awaji Island), Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama, Kyushu Will be handled. Please note that the menu specifications and prices may differ depending on the store, or may not be available.

Hokka Hokka Tei "New Year Shrimp Tendon"

In addition to this, in some areas such as Kanto, "Fillet & Butadon" has also appeared as a new menu. The selling price is 450 yen in Kanto. The calorie is 764 kcal. Rice large serving is 30 yen more, rice small serving is 20 yen discount. A bento box with plump rice, fillet and pork simmered in sweet and spicy sauce, and two types of side dishes. It is designed for people who want to eat solidly.