Pepper lunch takeaway menu

The "To go menu" has been redesigned at each Pepper Lunch store. You can easily enjoy the popular steak and hamburger steak menu at home.

A hearty To go menu such as "Beef Pepper Rice with Plenty of Meat" and "Wild Juicy Cut Steak", "Waku Waku Combo" and "Waku Waku W (Double)" will be sold with rice. Except for "Beef Pepper Rice", a large serving of rice is free.

Below is a list of products and prices excluding tax.

Beef pepper rice 700 yen / large serving 800 yen Beef pepper rice 900 yen / large serving 1,000 yen Wild juicy cut steak (with rice) 200g (7.05oz) 1,120 yen / 300g (10.58oz) 1,360 yen / 450g (15.87oz) 1,880 yen Exciting combo (with rice) 908 yen Waku Waku W (Double) (with rice) 1,362 yen 100% beef hamburger steak (with rice) 780 yen 100% beef Japanese-style grated hamburger (with rice) 780 yen

In addition, some stores have a bowl menu exclusively for To go. Products such as "Loco Moco Bowl" and "Dry Curry Pepper Rice Bowl" can be mixed and tasted.

Pepper lunch takeaway menu