Kura Sushi "Strawberry cream puff"

At each Kura Sushi store, the new sweets product "Strawberry Cream Puff" will be on sale from January 8th, and "Caramel Hojicha Parfait" will be on sale from January 22nd. Both are limited to 20 meals a day at each store.

A new product of the sweets brand "KURA ROYAL" that uses carefully selected materials luxuriously. Two kinds of desserts with gorgeous "red and white" shades suitable for the new year, which are a combination of strawberry "red" and cream "white", will appear.

"Strawberry cream puff" uses luxuriously sweet and sour domestic strawberries that are in season in the cold season. The crispy choux pastry that has been baked to a crispy texture is filled with a generous amount of smooth custard and whipped "double cream", and topped with domestic strawberries. It is a cream puff that takes a lot of effort to enjoy the acidity of strawberries and the rich richness of custard at the same time. The price is 528 yen (tax included).

Kura Sushi "Strawberry Cream Puffs"
Strawberry cream puff

On the other hand, "Caramel Hojicha Parfait" is a parfait that has an exquisite balance of sweetness and bitterness. Using domestic roasted green tea luxuriously, mousse and jelly that you can enjoy the original aroma and taste of tea are topped with caramel latte ice cream that goes well with it and florentine with a refreshing texture. It is a tailoring that you can enjoy until the end. The price is 528 yen (tax included).

Kura Sushi "Caramel Hojicha Parfait"
Caramel roasted green tea parfait

"Strawberry cream puff" will be served until January 21st, and "Caramel Hojicha Parfait" will be served until February 4th. It is not possible to take them home.