FamilyMart "Sapporo Pioneer Sake Tailoring"

"Sapporo Pioneer Beer Tailoring", which was jointly developed with Sapporo Breweries, will be released on January 12th at each FamilyMart store (alcoholic beverage store). The price is 200 yen for 350 ml and 260 yen for 500 nl (both excluding tax). Limited quantity. Alcohol content is 6%.

"Sapporo Pioneer Beer Tailoring" is a traditional manufacturing method that has been used for a long time. It is a traditional method used in beer that brings out the umami of wheat by boiling it three times in a brewing kettle. A rich beer that uses the brewing method).

It is the origin of beer brewing by the Japanese, and adopts the traditional manufacturing method used at the "Kaitakushi Brewery" which opened as the first beer factory by the Japanese in 1897, and has a solid drinkability. I realized a certain taste.

In the center of the package, we designed the appearance of "Kaitakushi Brewery" at that time, and emphasized that it is a beer using the traditional manufacturing method from ancient times. In addition, while the engine color is based on the brick color of "Kaitakushi Brewery", the gold and cream colors create the deliciousness of this product.