McDonald's "Happy Set Thomas the Tank Engine & Cinnamoroll"

McDonald's "Happy Set" was renewed on January 8th. From the same day, Happy Meal "Thomas the Tank Engine" and "Cinnamoroll" will be on sale for a limited time (excluding some stores).

With this renewal, the side menu and toys have been renewed. Questionnaire surveys on Happy Meal menus and toys are also reflected, and we aim to be closer to the family than ever before.

McDonald's "Happy Set"

In consideration of nutritional balance, the side menu, which used to be two types, has been expanded to four types. "Edamame corn", which is sweet corn plus edamame, and "yogurt", which uses bifidobacteria (BB-12) that reach the intestines and has a slightly sweet and refreshing flavor, have been added as new products. In addition, the side salad that is normally provided as a set menu can now be selected as the side menu of "Happy Set".

McDonald's "Happy Set" side menu

Toys were developed with the aim of supporting growth and development through "play" and "experience" in which children are actively involved. Not only letters, figures, numbers, and logical thinking, but also physical abilities, interest in nature and science, imagination, creativity, opportunities to develop expressiveness, relationships with people and society, and daily lifestyles. I am aware that it will be a support to work independently.

Happy set "Thomas the Tank Engine" is 6 kinds of toys that you can play by assembling blocks of Thomas and friends, rolling them by hand, and connecting them. The theme is to foster imagination, recognition of colors and shapes, and to know about diversity.

McDonald's "Happy Set Thomas the Tank Engine"

The lineup includes Thomas the Tank Engine, who is active on Sodor Island, Hiro, who is active in Japan, Near, who is from Kenya, and Asima, who is active in India. Comes with a card that tells you about the countries and islands where each locomotive is active. You can freely enjoy your imagination by assembling colorful car body blocks with your own hands and running the locomotive while thinking of the world of "Thomas the Tank Engine".

McDonald's "Happy Set Thomas the Tank Engine"

Happy set "Cinnamoroll" is 6 kinds of toys that you can play in a cafe with the motif of Cinnamoroll, which won the 1st place in the 2020 Sanrio Character Award. A lineup of toys that allow you to experience the work of various cafes, such as the "Cinnamoroll soft serve ice cream machine" that you can play like a cafe clerk and the "Cinnamoroll measuring cup and spoon set" that you can use for actual cooking. It is filled with the desire to develop imagination and expressiveness through "playing games" and to acquire "lifestyle".

McDonald's "Happy Set Cinnamoroll"

For 3 days on January 9th, 10th, and 11th, "Thomas the Tank Engine" will be purchased for each Happy Meal "Thomas the Tank Engine", and "Cinnamoroll" will be purchased for each "Omiseya San Pretend Sheet". Will be presented.

In addition, the picture book "Stay 12 Delicious Story" and the mini picture book "Animal / Koala Kangaroo with Quiz" will be released in Happy Meal from January 8th. The picture book has an Oekaki sheet, and the mini picture book has a sticker attached in the text as a "bonus".

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