Yoshinoya "2021 HAPPY GYU YEAR"

At each Yoshinoya store, a New Year's gift project "2021 HAPPY GYU YEAR" will be held, where you can enjoy "Gyudon" in connection with the year of Ox. Limited time offer from 11:00 on January 7th to 20:00 on January 11th.


A New Year's gift plan for people who ordered "Gyudon" in the store or at To go during the period. By adding 29 yen (excluding tax) for "meat", you can change it to "meat-rich" where you can fully enjoy beef. In the case of "Gyudon Namimori", the amount of gyudon ingredients is 1.5 times the normal amount. A chance to significantly reduce the price from the normal additional charge of 148 yen (excluding tax).

In the case of To go, there is a chance to try your luck. If "Daikichi" is printed on the container, bring an empty bento container to the store and you will receive a free bowl of 352 yen (excluding tax) for beef bowl. * Daikichi comes out only in regular containers

Yoshinoya "2021 HAPPY GYU YEAR"

* Some stores do not handle this * Please bring the container after washing it