"Chicken soboro boiled egg" recipe

Boiled eggs that are delicious even if you eat them as they are, and if you arrange them a little, they will be a great side dish! Here are three "boiled egg" recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Chicken soboro boiled egg" and "Ajidama broccoli salad".

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・ Ajitama broccoli salad
If you change the egg of the egg salad to "taste ball", it will be more delicious! Simple recipe " Ajitama Broccoli Salad ".

Simple recipe "Ajitama Broccoli Salad"

The umami is a combination of the flavored taste balls, the mellow richness of mayonnaise, and the taste of tuna! Broccoli is entwined with other ingredients. It is recommended to crush the white meat slightly coarsely. You can enjoy the crispy texture ♪

・ Garlic garlic boiled egg
Also for egg consumption! Recipe for adult seasoned " garlic garlic boiled egg". With garlic and garlic, the rice goes on!

Recipe for "garlic garlic boiled egg"

I soaked it for about half a day, but the flavors of mentsuyu and garlic soaked into the white meat and it was a salty horse! It is a delicious taste that seems to be a big success as a liquor knob. It's a strong seasoning, so you can add it to ramen or add it to a salad.

・ Chicken soboro boiled egg
Boiled egg menu that makes children happy! A recipe for "chicken soboro boiled eggs " that is also recommended for egg consumption.

"Chicken soboro boiled egg" recipe

The egg is slightly soaked with the flavor of chicken glass soup and chicken soboro, which is delicious! The taste is not too strong, so it is recommended as a snack for children. For adults, adding a small amount of Japanese pepper or shichimi pepper will be delicious if you like.