Coco's "Strawberry & Pistachio Fair"

Coco's Strawberry Fair 1st "Strawberry & Pistachio Fair"

"Strawberry & Pistachio Fair" will be held from January 14th as the first strawberry fair at Coco's. Sales are scheduled to end in late February.

The first is a fair that combines strawberries with "pistachios," which are called "the queen of nuts" because they are rich in nutrients such as vitamins and dietary fiber. All four gorgeous items will be released.

Strawberry pistachio parfait

The "Strawberry Pistachio Parfait" (690 yen, all tax excluded) and the "Queen Strawberry Parfait-with Pistachio Sauce" (1,190 yen), which uses 12 strawberries and is about 26 cm high, are included. A product that you can enjoy while sprinkling strawberry sauce. Sprinkle a rich pistachio sauce on the parfait, which has a striking contrast between red and white, and you can enjoy the change in taste by adding the richness and sweetness of pistachio to the refreshing acidity of strawberries. Enjoy the various textures produced by fresh domestic strawberries, smooth strawberry whipped cream, crispy strawberry meringue, and chewy marshmallows!

Coco's "Strawberry & Pistachio Fair"

Flower strawberry glass parfait

Tapioca pistachio milk

Pure white panna cotta and strawberry jelly, "Flower strawberry glass parfait" (390 yen) that looks like a flower blooming on a refreshing strawberry sorbet, and "Tapioca pistachio milk" (450 yen) where you can enjoy pistachio sauce with cocos-focused brown sugar tapioca ) For sale. Both are perfect for desserts after a meal.

Coco's "Strawberry & Pistachio Fair"