Hotto Motto Grill "Meat Ankake Garlic Rice Box" and "Yakitori Oyakodon"

From the take-out lunch "Hotto Motto grill", there are "Meat Ankake Garlic Rice Box" with plenty of meat sauce on garlic rice and "Yakitori Oyakodon" with chicken thigh yakitori and ankake egg binding. It will be released on January 18th. The price is 550 yen each (tax included).

"Meat Ankake Garlic Rice Box" is a menu where you can enjoy meat ankake in a special container with plenty of garlic-scented garlic rice. The meat ankake is made by stir-frying minced chicken thighs and chopped shiitake mushrooms, and seasoning the chicken glass soup with oyster sauce and Shokoshu.

"Yakitori Oyakodon" is a bowl with two flavors, chicken thigh yakitori and soft ankake egg. You can enjoy the taste and texture of the juicy yakitori, which is made by entwining chicken thighs with special soy sauce and charred soy sauce and grilled in an oven, and the thick Japanese-style ankake egg.