Katsuya "Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu"

At each Katsuya store, a new menu "Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu" will be released that will make you addicted to the spiciness of being numb. Menu for a limited time from January 8th.

Katsuya sesame tantan chicken cutlet

Katsuya The first menu in 2021 is "Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu". The richness of sesame, the spiciness of chili oil, and the sweetbread of Hanasansho are exquisitely combined to create a addictive taste of authentic mala. Not only in-store food and drink, but also To go and delivery are available.

Katsuya "Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu"

In-store menu

Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Bowl 649 yen including tax sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Set Meal 759 yen including tax sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu separately 539 yen including tax

Katsuya "Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu"

Takeaway menu

Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Bowl Bento Tax-included 637 yen Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Bento Tax-included 745 yen

Katsuya "Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu"

Sales overview

Stores: Domestic "Katsuya" * Excluding some stores Sales start date: January 8, 2021 Sales hours: Business hours of each store * Ends as soon as stock runs out * Prices may vary depending on the store

About Katsuya

Tonkatsu specialty store "Katsuya" opened its first store in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture in August 1998. Since our founding, the pork from North America (Canada, USA) used in Tonkatsu is delivered in a chilled state that has been aged for about two weeks from the processing factory to maintain a juicy feeling. They are carefully dressed one by one at the store. The standard menu "Katsudon (plum) 80g (2.82oz) loin" is 539 yen including tax. You can enjoy "pork cutlet" at a reasonable price.