Recipe "Chinese cabbage with salt and kelp"

If you mix it with salted kelp, it's a simple dish! Here are three recipes for "Shio-Konbu Aemono" that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and enjoyed.

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・ Cucumber and tofu with salted kelp
Easy snacks with seasonal cucumbers! Introducing the recipe for "cucumber and tofu with salted kelp " that makes chopsticks unstoppable. It takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Recipe "Cucumber and tofu with salted kelp"

The cucumber and tofu go so well together! The refreshing freshness of the cucumber enhances the richness of the tofu, and the fluffy texture of the tofu enhances the crispy texture of the cucumber.

・ Chicken breast with salted kelp mayonnaise
Cheap chicken breast is moist and delicious! Introducing the recipe for a simple side dish "Chicken breast with salted kelp mayonnaise " that can be completed in about 10 minutes. It's delicious even when it's cold, so it's also good for lunch.

Recipe "Chicken breast with salted kelp mayonnaise"

The chicken breast, which tends to be dry, is super moist! The water is retained inside with potato starch and the outside is coated with mayonnaise, so you can enjoy a juicy mouthfeel that is comparable to thigh meat.

Chinese cabbage of salt kelp tossed
easy with Chinese cabbage and salt kelp marinated " tossed with Chinese cabbage of salt kelp recipes". The crispy Chinese cabbage texture and the umami of salted kelp and the aroma of white sesame and sesame oil make it delicious.

Recipe "Chinese cabbage with salt and kelp"

The deep umami of salted kelp that blends in with the crispy texture and refreshing flavor unique to Chinese cabbage. White sesame and sesame oil add aroma and richness to create a lingering taste. The deliciousness of chopsticks that shouldn't stop!