Sugakiya "Sugakiya 2021 Lucky Bag"
(* The source of the image is Sugakiya official website)

It was announced through the official website and e-mail magazine that "Sugakiya 2021 Lucky Bag" will be sold in Sugakiya. As a general rule, it will be handled from January 1, 2021, but some stores will appear in advance on December 29 and 30, 2020.

The selling price is 1,000 yen (tax included). In addition to the "meal ticket worth 1000 yen", "souvenir gome no moto" that you can dare to make gome rice with white rice, "main store taste" and "miso stew" that you can make ramen at home are packed. Limited quantity at each store. You can purchase up to 2 bags per person.

Stores scheduled to start selling on December 29, 2020 ・ Sugakiya Kisogawa Aeon Mall Store ・ Sugakiya Okazaki Aeon Mall Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Mall Tokisuri Store ・ Sugakiya Fuso Aeon Mall Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Mall Higashiura Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Mall Nagakute Store ・ Sugakiya Kagamihara Aeon Mall store, Sugakiya Ogaki Aeon Mall store, Sugakiya Aeon Mall East Staff Store, Sugakiya Yokkaichi Kita Aeon Mall Store, Sugakiya Meiwa Aeon Mall Store, Sugakiya Suzuka Aeon Mall Store, Sugakiya Hamamatsu Shitoro Aeon Mall Store, Sugakiya Aeon Mall Fujimiya Store, Sugakiya Aeon Fujii Temple SC store, Sugakiyamozo Wonder Cinema store, Sugakiya Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome Mae store, Sugakiya Shin Mizuhashi Aeon Mall store, Sugakiya Aeon Mall Nagoya Chaya store, Sugakiya Aeon Mall Atsuta store, Sugakiya Otaka Aeon Mall store, Sugakiya Seto Mizuno Aeon store, Sugakiya Fuji Minami Aeon Store, Sugakiya Inazawa Leaf Walk Store, Sugakiya Inazawa Apita Store, Sugakiya Ogaki Aeon Town Store, Sugakiya ZENT Nagoya Kita Store, Sugakiya ZENT Okazaki Uechi Store, Sugakiya ZENT Anjo Sumiyoshi Store, Sugakiya ZENT Inazawa Store, Sugaki Ya M & K Okazaki store, Kotobukiya ZENT Fuso store, Kotobukiya ZENT Nagakute store, Kotobukiya ZENT Toyoda Umetsubo store, Kotobukiya ZENT Toyota main store, Kotobukiya ZENT slope celebration store, Kotobukiya ZENT Koji store, Kotobuki Gakiya ZENT Kagamihara Store, Sugakiya ZENT Ichinotsubo Store, Sugakiya K's Tajimi Store, Sugakiya ZENT Tajimi Store, Sugakiya King Kanko Suzuka Store, Sugakiya Shizuoka ABC Store, Sugakiya Nakayoshida ABC Store, Sugakiya Hamamatsu ABC Store, Sugakiya K's Otaka Store, Sugakiya Castle Otobashi Store, Sugakiya Atsuta Castle Store, Kimuraya Osone Castle Store, Kimuraya Atsuta Castle Store, Kimuraya Okazaki Aeon Mall Store, Osuichi Tokuan store

Store scheduled to start selling on December 30, 2020 ・ Sugakiya Kasugai Feel store

Stores scheduled to start selling on January 1, 2021 (Stores closed on January 1-2 will start from the next day)
[Aichi Prefecture]
・ Sugakiya Jinmeji Yoshizuya store ・ Sugakiya Miyoshi Aimall 2F store ・ Sugakiya Miyoshi Beisia store ・ Sugakiya Fukugama Piago store ・ Sugakiya Anjo Itoyo Cado store ・ Sugakiya Anjo Minami Apita store ・ Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Ichinomiya Yamato store Walk Ichinomiya Store, Sugakiya Feel Pearl City Inazawa Store, Sugakiya Inazawa Peace Barrow Store, Sugakiya Inazawa Yoshizuya Store, Sugakiya Uewada Piago Store, Sugakiya Yamanaka Okazaki Kita Store, Sugakiya Okazaki Nishitomo Store, Sugakiya Okazaki Comtown Store, Sugakiya Okazaki Kita Apita Store・ Sugakiya Okazaki Wing Town Store ・ Sugakiya Minami Okazaki Feel Store ・ Sugakiya Daiji Piago Store ・ Sugakiya Yoshizuya JR Kanie Ekimae Store ・ Sugakiya Koda Piago Store ・ Sugakiya Gamagun Apita Store ・ Sugakiya Gamagun Claspo Store ・ Sugakiya Kariya Apita Store・ Sugakiya Kariya Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Hachiken Piago Store ・ Sugakiya Apita Iwakura Store ・ Sugakiya Inuyama Caster Store ・ Sugakiya Shin Gangnam Heiwado Store ・ Sugakiya Gangnam Heiwado Store ・ Sugakiya LST Port Takahama Store ・ Sugakiya Kasugai Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Kasugai Sugakiya Kasugai Minami Feel Store, Sugakiya San Marche Kozoji Store, Sugakiya Kozoji Apita Store, Sugakiya Komaki Aeon Store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Komaki Store, Sugakiya Komaki Horinouchi Maxvalu Store, Sugakiya Tokisuri Kines Store, Sugakiya Piago Shinjo Store Nishi Barrow Store, Sugakiya Shin Seto Barrow Store, Sugakiya Seto Apita Store, Sugakiya Kiyosu Yoshizuya Store, Sugakiya Nishibakijima Arte Store, Sugakiya Nagoya Airport Apita Store, Sugakiya Xiao Nishio Store, Sugakiya DCM Kama Nishio Store, Sugakiya Nishio Store Walk Nishio store, Sugakiya Ofu Apita store, Sugakiya Risora Ofu store, Sugakiya Yoshizu Ya Oguchi Store, Sugakiya Oguchi V Town Store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Oguchi Store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Taketoyo Store, Sugakiya Chita Ito Yokado Store, Sugakiya Chitate Apita Store, Sugakiya Tsushima Yoshizuya 3F Store, Sugakiya Tsushima Yoshizuya 1F Store North Terrace Yoshizuya Store, Sugakiya Tokai Arao Apita Store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Otagawa Store, Sugakiya Mio Kakuyama Store, Sugakiya Nissin Aoki Super Store, Sugakiya Nanseiiwa Feel Store, Sugakiya Handaion Store, Sugakiya Handa Power Dome Store, Sugakiya Owari Asahi Itoyokado store, Sugakiya Asuka Owari Asahi store, Sugakiya Ao Southeast Piago store, Sugakiya Toyohashi Minami Aeon store, Sugakiya Mukaiyama Apita store, Sugakiya Barrow Toyohashi store, Sugakiya Toyokawa Prio store, Sugakiya Toyokawa Aeon store, Sugakiya Green City Toyoda 1F store Machi store, Sugakiya Toyota Cooperative Headquarters store, Sugakiya Toyota Gaza store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Toyota Motomachi store, Sugakiya water purification barrow store, Sugakiya Megria M Park store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Toyomei store, Sugakiya Yoshizuya Shikatsu 1F store・ Quixote Raku Kaido Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Town Yatomi Store

【Gifu Prefecture】
・ Sugakiya Piago Kasamatsu Store ・ Sugakiya Hashima Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Ogaku Apita Store ・ Sugakiya Kaji Patio Store ・ Sugakiya Unuma Heiwado Store ・ Sugakiya Kagamihara Chuo Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Margo Seki Store ・ Sugakiya Seki Kines Store ・ Sugakiya Meitetsu Gifu Station Town Gifu store, Sugakiya Ichihashi Barrow store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Gifu store, Sugakiya Nagara Barrow store, Sugakiya Gifu Martha store, Sugakiya V Town Akemi store, Sugakiya Super Viva Home Yanagizu store, Sugakiya Aeon Yanagizu store, Sugakiya Ena Barrow store, Sugakiya House Barrow Store, Sugakiya LS Rubit Town Takayama Store, Sugakiya Takatomi Heiwado Store, Sugakiya Mizuho Plant Store, Sugakiya Mizunami Chuo Barrow Store, Sugakiya Barrow Tajimi Store, Sugakiya Ogaki Minami Barrow Store, Sugakiya Tsurumi Al Plaza Store, Sugakiya Ogaki Apita Store Bittown Nakatsugawa store, Sugakiya Mino Kamo Barrow store, Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Mino Kamo store, Sugakiya Northern Apita store, Sugakiya Morera Gifu store, Sugakiya Aeon Town Honjo store

【Mie Prefecture】
・ Sugakiya Ise Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Ise Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Ise Lara Park Store ・ Sugakiya Kuwana Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Kuwana Apita Store ・ Sugakiya Kuwana Higashi Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Kuwana Kines Store ・ Sugakiya Mie Kawagoe Kines Store ・ Sugakiya Ohira Ion Store Apita store, Sugakiya Hinaga Kayo store, Sugakiya Matsusaka Advance Mall store, Sugakiya Matsusaka Mikumo Apita store, Sugakiya Taki Crystal Town store, Sugakiya Kui Aeon store, Sugakiya Super Viva Home Tsu Shiratsuka store, Sugakiya Tsujoyama Aeon Town store, Sugakiya Tsurats store・ Sugakiya Tsu Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya LS Tsushinmachi Store ・ Sugakiya Shirako Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Don Quixote UNY Suzuka Store ・ Sugakiya Super Viva Home Suzuka Store

【Shiga Prefecture】
・ Sugakiya Omi Hachiman Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Town Hunan Store ・ Sugakiya Heiwado Mizuguchi Store ・ Sugakiya Koga Kines Home Store ・ Sugakiya Pieri Moriyama Store ・ Sugakiya Molive Moriyama Store ・ Sugakiya Kusatsu Al Plaza Store ・ Sugakiya Foreo Otsu Ichiriyama Store ・ Sugakiya・ Sugakiya Nagahama Nishitomo store ・ Sugakiya Yokaichi Apia store ・ Sugakiya Nosu Aeon store

【Shizuoka Prefecture】
・ Sugakiya Hamamatsu Nishi Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Hamakita Preha Walk Store ・ Sugakiya Don Quijote UNY Fujiyoshihara Store

・ Sugakiya Kiren Uriwari Aeon Store

【Nagoya city】
・ Sugakiya Nakagawa Azpark Store ・ Sugakiya Toda Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Feel Tomita Store ・ Sugakiya Asti Inokoishi Store ・ Sugakiya Nakamura Palais Store ・ Sugakiya Shimizuya Fujigaoka 2F Store ・ Sugakiya Osu Store ・ Sugakiya Osu Manmatsuji Dori Store ・ Sugakiya Osu・ Sugakiya Nakamura Piago Store ・ Sugakiya Moriyama Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Chiyotabashi Apita Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Nagoya East Store ・ Sugakiya Hachiko Aeon Store ・ Sugakiya Aeon Mate Pier Store ・ Sugakiya Naishi Yoshizuya Store ・ Sugakiya Shidanmi Barrow Store ・ Sugakiya Shinmoriyama Apita store, Sugakiya Saijo Piago store, Sugakiya Nagoya Kita Apita store, Sugakiya Ueda Piago store, Sugakiya Aeon Town Meinishi store, Sugakiya DCM Kama Nagoya Johoku store, Sugakiya Aeon Town Taiko store, Sugakiya Piago Hirabari store, Sugakiya Kameshima Taihou store, Sugakiya Feel store, Sugakiya Shin-Nakajima Frante store, Sugakiya Taiheidori Yoshizuya store, Sugakiya Shimizuyama Piago store, Sugakiya Takatsuji feel store, Sugakiya Narumi Apita store, Sugakiya Nagoya Minami Apita store, Sugakiya DCM Kama 21 Atsuta store, Sugakiya New Sakae B2 store Apita store, Sugakiya Minato Bascia store, Sugakiya Arimatsu Aeon store, Sugakiya Tokushige Hills Walk store, Sugakiya Narumi Narupark store, Sugakiya Chitose Aeon Town store, Sugakiya Portwalk Minato store, Sugakiya Aeon Town Atsuta Millennium store, Sugakiya Super Viva Home Nagoya Minami store・ Sugakiya Narumi Nishitomo store ・ Sugakiya Hotta Kines store