First Kitchen x Sailor Moon

A collaboration campaign was held at First Kitchen and Wendy's First Kitchen to commemorate the release of the movie version of "Sailor Moon Eternal." It will be implemented from January 8th.

In the campaign, if you purchase a potato set for 680 yen, you will receive a limited edition original goods in collaboration with the movie "Sailor Moon Eternal". For the original goods, the first coaster and the second mirror will be prepared. It will end as soon as all of them are gone. In addition, potato bags will also be offered in a limited design.

Collaboration set contents

・ 1 flavor potato (M) ・ 1 collaboration limited original goods

Price: 680 yen

Also, during the period, a special decoration store for the movie "Sailor Moon Eternal" will be held at the "Shibuya Center Gai Store". Furthermore, from January 1st, a "B2 poster with autographed cast" gift campaign will start on First Kitchen official Twitter.

(c) Naoko Takeuchi ・ PNP ・ Toei Animation Movie version "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal" Production Committee