Katsura Ramen "New Year's Eve Ramen" for a limited time
(* The source of the image is Keika Ramen official Facebook page)

It was announced through the official Twitter account and Facebook page that "New Year's Eve Ramen" for take-out has appeared in Katsura Ramen. Only available at some stores.

The selling price is 1,360 yen (tax included). It is set that you can purchase 5 meals at the price of 4 meals. A set of half-raw noodles from Kumamoto ramen, pork bone and chicken soup, and mar oil. It was made so that you can enjoy long noodles in the hope of longevity. In addition, a happy drawstring purse is also included.

Since New Year's Eve ramen lasts for a long time at room temperature, it is useful as a regular meal in case of trouble during the year-end and New Year holidays, and it is also announced that it is suitable for gifts. Available only in Tokyo. Details are as follows.

・ Shinjuku Suehiro store ・ Shinjuku Fanten ・ Shibuya Center Street store ・ Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 Street store ・ Ikebukuro Tobu store

The ingredients such as "thick meat", which is a familiar ingredient in Katsura ramen, are not included, but they can be purchased separately by mail order. In addition, mail-order sales also offer packages with different quantities, such as a set containing 10 meals of ramen.