Ministop "Strawberry Milk Soft" & "Chocolat Strawberry Soft"

From January 1, 2021, each Ministop store will release "Strawberry Milk Soft" as the first new flavor in 2021 and "Chocolate Strawberry Soft" decorated with double chocolate sauce and nuts. The price is 250 yen and 330 yen (excluding tax).

A well-balanced blend of "Tochiotome" and "Amaou" ("Amaou" is a registered trademark of Zenno), "Strawberry Milk Soft" with raw milk, and richer waffle cones, double chocolate sauce and nuts. "Chocolate Strawberry Soft" decorated with is a rich soft serve that is perfect for starting in 2021.

"Chocolate Strawberry Soft" uses two types of Belgian chocolate sauce. A chocolate sauce that hardens crisply when sprinkled on soft serve ice cream, and a rich chocolate sauce that melts and melts. It is a fun dish with different textures. In addition, the roasted pistachios and almonds that are easy to eat and crashed are used luxuriously. It is fragrant and crispy. The corn is a cocoa waffle corn with a slightly bitter cocoa flavor as an accent.

In addition, "Tokumori Ichigo Milk Soft" and "Tokumori Ichigo Milk Mix Software" will be released at the same time. The price is 350 yen.