Dom Dom hamburger "Dom Dom original eco bag"
(* The source of the image is Dom Dom hamburger official website)

The eco bag with the Dom Dom hamburger logo "Dom Dom Original Eco Bag" has been announced on the official website. It will be available in the official online store from January 4, 2021.

The selling price is 990 yen per piece (tax included, the same applies below), and the shipping fee is 300 yen for every two items. Specifications that can be carried around compactly with the attached rubber band. The size of the town is large enough, and it is designed to be used not only as a shopping bag but also as a sub-bag. In addition, the design is supervised by the MOTTERU Kururito Marche bag.

The main body size is about 510 in height, 350 in width, and 200 mm in town. The handle is about 55 x 360 mm. The capacity is about 18L. The material is polyester, and you can choose from two colors, "red (a slightly deeper red)" and "black".

In addition, the increased production of Dom Dom hamburger original masks will be on sale on the same schedule. There are two sets for 1,280 yen, and eight colors are available: "Baby Pink", "White", "Sky Blue", "Gray", "Black", "Khaki", "Navy", and "Sand Beige". Conditions such as shipping charges are the same as for eco-bags.