Cold Stone Creamery To go Limited Edition "Happy Collection BOX"

Cold Stone Creamery will release a To go limited edition "Happy Collection Box" on December 29th. The price is 2,000 yen (excluding tax). Until January 3, 2021. After January 4, 2021, the regular price will be 2,800 yen.

This time, 6 types of ice cream that can only be tasted in the "Happy Collection Box" are available. From "Rainbow Chocolate Mint" topped with "Rainbow Sprinkles" and "Pastel Marshmallows", which are popular with children, to "Yogurt Orange" with a refreshing taste that makes use of the acidity of oranges using the new flavor "Rich Orange Gelato". With a wide variety of lineups and colorful appearances, you can make your home time more gorgeous.

At the same time, if you purchase the "Happy Collection Box" during the period, you will receive an original illustration sheet on which you can write a message as a privilege. Limited quantity.

The ice cream lineup is as follows.

・ Rainbow chocolate mint ・ Strawberry mascarpone ・ Cookies & pumpkins ・ Caramel brownies ・ Yogurt orange ・ Warabimochi green tea