Hokkaido souvenir ranking that I think is the strongest

The goo ranking is based on the theme of souvenirs from Hokkaido, which is a popular travel destination in Japan, and we have investigated and ranked which ones you feel are the strongest. The 2nd place is "Marusei Butter Sand", and the 1st place is ...?

3rd place: Jaga Pokkuru
Calbee's potato snack "Jaga Pokkuru" made with carefully selected Hokkaido potatoes and Okhotsk salt ranked in 3rd place.

This product, which represents Calbee's souvenir brand "Potato Farm" from Hokkaido, is a dish that is attractive because it has a crispy texture of potatoes cut with the skin and the umami of potatoes. .. It is a limited edition product that is only available on Hokkaido and some international flights, but its reputation has gradually spread through word of mouth, and it is now a staple of Hokkaido souvenirs.

2nd place: Marusei butter sand
Second place is Rokkatei Confectionery's "Marusei Butter Sandwich," which is a combination of cream, raisins, and white chocolate made from 100% Hokkaido milk butter and sandwiched with biscuits.

This product was released as a commemorative confectionery for the company name change when Rokkatei Confectionery's predecessor "Obihiro Senshuan" changed its trade name to "Rokkatei" in 1977. Inspired by the Western confectionery "Raisin Witch" from Ogawaken, a Western-style restaurant in Tokyo, it was born by combining white chocolate, which was the company's main product at the time.

1st place: Shiroi Koibito
Ishiya Co., Ltd.'s "Shiroi Koibito", which was sandwiched between smooth white chocolate and a crispy texture of Lang de Cha, won the first place.

As a staple of Hokkaido souvenirs, this product has been loved for over 40 years since its launch in 1976. Manufacturers such as "a sense of security that the taste and quality do not change" by not changing the contents and not selling variations other than "Shiroi Koibito Black", and "a premium feeling" that can only be purchased in Hokkaido while keeping the limited sales in Hokkaido. It seems that this commitment has led to such a long-selling product.

* Survey period September 21, 2020-October 5, 2020