Kur Aina "Caramel & Chocolate Banana Pancake"

"Caramel & Chocolate banana Pancake" is on sale from Kur Aina. One of the popular pancake series.

Chocolate sauce with pure cocoa and deep-tasting caramel sauce are combined with fresh banana and vanilla ice cream that go well together. You can enjoy it with the fluffy pancake dough that is handmade in the store every day.

It is suitable for desserts after meals at lunch time and dinner time, and sweets at cafe time. You can also choose a set menu as well as a single item. The selling price of each is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ Single item 655 yen ・ Drink set 755 yen ・ French fries & drink set 855 yen

As a general rule, caramel and chocolate banana pancakes are sold at each Kur Aina store in Japan, but some are not covered. Please note that it will not be sold at the "Red Brick Warehouse".