There are 3 types of pub bure "lucky bags"

The 2021 lucky bag will be on sale from the art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE". The price is 926 yen for plum, 1,852 yen for bamboo, and 2,778 yen for pine (excluding tax, the same applies below). The release date depends on the store. In addition, there are stores that only accept reservations.

Three types of lucky bags will be released this year as well. The lineup includes "ume" where you can enjoy various candy for 1,000 yen so that even children can buy it, "bamboo" which is recommended for those who want to enjoy a lot of candy, and "pine" which contains not only candy but also chocolate and gummy candies.

・ Plum
New Year's mix, SS lollipop, outlet candy
・ Bamboo
New Year's mix, 4 outlet candies
・ Pine
New Year's mix, fruit mix, outlet candy, mini rocky road, 9-piece publets, subdivided set

There are 3 types of pub bure "lucky bags"

* At the online shop, the set is limited to the online shop.

In addition, "New Year's Mix" will be released on December 26th. The price starts from BAG 593 yen.

Of course, the popular "Kagami Mochi Candy" is also available every year. A cute size candy that is fun to look at and eat. The price is 1,019 yen.

Papubbure "Kagami Mochi Candy"