Sebastian Buyer "Shadow Palette Chocolat" "Rouge Alleble"

"Sebastian Buyer" Valentine Chocolat will be on sale from January 14, 2021. Scheduled to be available at permanent stores, official online shops, and department store exhibition halls nationwide.

・ Shadow Palette Chocolat
A new work with an eye shadow motif. There are two types, "Fruille Rouge" based on berry fruits and "Praline" where you can enjoy the taste of fragrant nuts and sables. The price is 2,400 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Sebastian Buyer "Shadow Palette Chocolat"

・ Rouge Able
It has been 10 years since the release of "Rouge Able" with a lipstick motif. New packaging and new flavors. Recommended not only for yourself, but also for gifts with surprise and deliciousness.

Sebastian Buyer "Rouge Alleble"

The new flavors for 2021 are "Jolly (Sakura flavor)", "Joyeux (Orange flavor)" and "Charman (Cherry flavor)". The price is 900 yen.

Sebastian Buyer "Rouge Alleble"

・ Tartlet chocolate
The popular "tartlet" in Lyon, France is arranged into a miniature chocolate. Caramel, janduja, ganash, etc. are included in the chocolate, and you can enjoy various flavors. The price is 1,300 yen for 4 pieces, 2,500 yen for 8 pieces, and 3,600 yen for 12 pieces.

Sebastian Buyer "Tartlet Chocolat"