Kyobashi Senbiya "Large Strawberry Menu"

A variety of "Large Strawberry Menus" are available for a limited time at Kyobashi Senbiya. Parfaits, sandwiches and waffles made with large strawberries will be on sale until the end of April 2021.

First of all, a single "Large Strawberry Parfait" and a "Large Strawberry Mini Parfait" with a set drink are available at a selling price of 2,640 yen (tax included, same below). The origin and variety of large strawberries used may change depending on the season. Details will be explained by the staff.

In addition, a single item, "Large Strawberry Sandwich," is available at a selling price of 2,310 yen. It is full of cream and uses 4 large strawberries.

In addition to this, a single "Large Strawberry Waffle" and a "Large Strawberry Mini Waffle" with a set drink will be sold for 2,530 yen each.

In addition, you can add one of coffee, tea, and today's fruit tea for an additional 440 yen. Fruit tea is served with honey syrup.

Kyobashi Senbiya "Large Strawberry Menu"

The large strawberry menu can be ordered at fruit parlor stores except Atre Ebisu store. However, it may end without notice.