From Bel Amer, Valentine's New Chocolat Collection

Bel Amer, a Japanese chocolate specialty store, will release a new chocolate collection that colors Valentine's Day on January 14, 2021. Available at directly managed stores nationwide, department store exhibition halls, and online shops.

・ Apple chocolate
Inspired by apple candy, which is popular at fair stalls, this new work is a combination of domestic apples and chocolate. Ganache and cream using apple juice and paste from Aomori prefecture are glossy coated, and you can enjoy the flavor and texture of the flesh. 3 flavors of caramel, praline noir and black tea. The price is 1,400 yen for 3 pieces and 2,500 yen for 6 pieces (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Bell Amer "Apple Chocolat"

・ Montblanc Chocolat
A new chocolate made from bonbon chocolate made from Japanese chestnuts and squeezed with plenty of ganache cream containing Japanese chestnut paste. By trial and error on the ratio of chestnut paste and fresh cream used for ganache, we arrived at the ideal balance that makes the best use of the chestnut flavor. Bitter with Japanese chestnut paste and the bitterness of cacao, caramel with the sweetness of caramel milk chocolate, and cassis with 3 flavors of chestnut and cassis. The price is 2,000 yen for 5 pieces.

Bell Amer "Mont Blanc Chocolat"

A minimandian with a bite-sized arrangement of pare chocolates. You can enjoy the popular flavors of Palais Chocolat and the flavors limited to Valentine's Day in a mini size. The price is 1,300 yen for 8 pieces and 2,200 yen for 15 pieces.

Bell Amer "Mini Mandian"

・ Artisan Chocolatier
A new bonbon chocolate made by Chocolatier with particular attention to materials and manufacturing methods. A wide variety of lineups that mainly use Bel Amer original chocolate and combine various ingredients such as homemade caramel, honey, and hazelnut pralines. The price is 1,000 yen for 3 pieces, 1,500 yen for 5 pieces, 2,300 yen for 8 pieces, and 3,300 yen for 12 pieces.

Bell Amer "Artisan Chocolat"

・ Pare chocolate
A round chocolate bar with a diameter of about 6 cm. Normally there are 30 types, but during Valentine's Day, there are 50 types in total, including limited flavors. There are many notable flavors such as "Breakfast" with a fried egg motif, "Cola" with bitter chocolate combined with crackling candy and spices, and "Salt truffle" with truffle scent and Guérande salt as an accent. The price is 270 yen. * Available stores are limited.

Bell Amer "Pare Chocolat"