Origin lunch "meat triple bowl"

"Meat Triple Bowl" will be on sale on December 29th at "Kitchen Origin" and "Origin Bento" stores.

Meat triple bowl

A hearty bowl with 1 demi hamburger steak + 1 chicken tatsuta + 1 grilled pork with sauce + 300g (10.58oz) rice + shredded cabbage. Demi hamburger is soft enough to be cut with chopsticks, and the juicy taste spreads in your mouth. Chicken Tatsuta has a crispy outer garment and a soft and juicy inner garment. The sweet and spicy sauce is entwined, and the mouth is wrapped in the flavor of meat. Sauce-pickled pork roasted meat is carefully cooked at first and then fried over high heat at once. The aroma of the yakiniku sauce spreads and the rice goes on.

The price is 999 yen (tax included). The "Meat Triple Bowl" lined up in the sales floor, which you can take home immediately, uses pasta instead of shredded cabbage.

Origin lunch "meat triple bowl"

Available at all Kitchen Origin and Origin Bento stores. It will be sold during the business hours of each store.

Origin lunch / kitchen origin

"Origin Bento" is a bento shop that was established in 1994. More than 40 kinds of side dishes made in the store every day are lined up in the showcase, and more than 30 kinds of bento are cooked for each order. "Kitchen Origin" appeared in 2014. It has features such as a store design targeting women and an eat-in corner. Like the origin lunch, the products are cooked in the store.