Suipara "Compare Brand Strawberry Eating" Tochiotome, Beni Hoppe, Amaou and many more!

A new event, "Brand Strawberry Eating Comparison," will be held at all Sweets Paradise stores. Limited time offer from January 4th to mid-February 2021.

The popular "All-you-can-eat strawberry" in the all-you-can-eat fruit project "Fruit Paradise" will be switched to "Branded strawberry eating comparison" from January 4th.

Various varieties with different sweetness and acidity are available. It is also offered as an opportunity to meet varieties that have never been eaten before. The lineup is as follows.


Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

"Tochiotome" is a standard variety with a good balance of sweetness and acidity and plenty of fruit juice.


Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

"Amaou" is a popular variety with a large and well-organized shape and a high sugar content.


Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

"Tochiaika" is a cultivar that is a little hard and large, has little acidity, and has a strong sweetness.

Red Hoppe

Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

"Red cheeks" are large, long-conical grains with a firm texture.


Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

"Yumenoka" is a large cone-shaped grain with a high sugar content, but it is characterized by a refreshing taste.


Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

"Sachinoka" is a deep red fruit with a good fragrance and a well-balanced taste.

In addition to this, various varieties are available. In addition, the salad offered at the Fruit Paradise Corner has been changed to a "salad bar". You can serve your favorite vegetables and make your own salad. You can enjoy it before eating sweets or with sweets.

Suipara "Compare brand strawberry eating"

The price is 2,580 yen for adults (tax included, same below) and 1,800 yen for children in the case of "compared to eating branded strawberries + all-you-can-eat". The basic buffet includes a drink bar, salad bar, and all-you-can-eat Haagen-Dazs Ilgelato. Orders must be placed by the entire group.