Shakey's "Cheese Okonomiyaki-style Pizza" January Limited

"Cheese Okonomiyaki-style pizza" will appear on the Shakey's buffet menu as a monthly pizza in January 2021. A popular flavor with a combination of Japanese-style toppings.

The toppings are mayonnaise sauce, cabbage, pickled ginger, tenkasu, kamanber cheese sauce, dried bonito flakes, okonomiyaki sauce, and green laver.

A popular Japanese-style pizza with a crispy cabbage texture, in 2021, which will be the 11th appearance for the first time in two years, "Camembert cheese sauce" has been squeezed to give it a richer taste. You can enjoy it with Shakey's wheat-flavored crispy dough. In addition, the January lineup includes "Cheese fondue-style pizza," "Strawberry cream cheese pizza," and "Meat sauce spaghetti with white cheese."

In addition, the second "World Cheese Festival!" Fair is being held until February 28, 2021. Each country's cheese dishes are arranged in pizza, focusing on cheese, which is the main ingredient of pizza. You can enjoy Japanese, Western and Chinese cheese pizza in a buffet style.

Viking menu prices vary depending on the store and time of day. For example, at the Shinjuku Dori store, an adult lunch buffet is 1,030 yen (excluding tax) and a dinner buffet is 1,590 yen (excluding tax). Holiday buffet is 1,590 yen (excluding tax). There are also senior and child rates.

It is also possible to To go pizza individually. The selling price is 760 yen (tax included) for singles, 1,280 yen (tax included) for doubles, and 1,800 yen (tax included) for large. You can also enjoy pizza and potatoes at home with the delivery service.